Live classes are an important part of our Flex and Dynamic test prep courses, so make sure you are able to attend class! When you reserve a spot in a small-group class, you will be emailed a Zoom link. Click that link at the appointed day and time and you will attend class!

If you can't find your Zoom link in your email, you can also find it by going to your My Account page by clicking on the "Appointment History & Zoom URLs" tab (pictured below).

Now, you'll need to select "Events" (pictured below).

This page only displays the next week of events by default. You can change the date range that displays by clicking the date bar and choosing a new date range (pictured below).

Once you have found the desired event, click on it. The event will expand to show more details, including the Zoom link.

P.S. Make sure you have completed the practice test listed in the event title prior to your small-group session!

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