Live classes are an important part of our Flex and Dynamic test prep courses, so make sure you are able to attend class! You can access a schedule of live test review sessions for your class by visiting your My Account page.

On your Account page, look under the heading "My Test Prep and Tutoring" for a course component titled "Schedule Your Small Group Sessions" (pictured above). Click that course component to get started scheduling.

If you are not registered for the course, or if you are logged out, you will see a page where you can buy the course instead. If you are registered for the course and logged in, you will see a course page that looks something like this (using Flex Prep for this example--you may see something slightly different if you are in a different course).

Scroll down to see the list of upcoming classes for your chosen test. Event details are listed on each event's card, including the date and time. Click an event and complete the registration process to save your seat. When you complete the registration process, you will be emailed a Zoom link. Click that link at the appointed day and time and you will attend class!

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