Homework in our courses is always the completion of some or all of a practice test. Information about which part of a practice test is assigned is discussed in live classes and the on-demand videos, so watch those if you need a reminder of which sections to complete. PDFs of the homework assignments can be found inside your course, which is accessible from your account page (pictured below).

Homework assignments are always printed in table form on the course page that allows you to schedule sessions. If you are scheduling one-on-one sessions, you can find the homework table halfway down the page. If you are scheduling small-group sessions, the event you register for will tell you which test you should complete (if you are attending the ACT 1874 test review session, you should complete ACT 1874 before attending, etc).

Homework is always due before the session listed on the left side of the table, or before the test review session.

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