Our courses are highly flexible and may include private sessions as part of the course. If your course includes private sessions, you will be able to schedule them once logged in to your My Account page.

Once logged in, look under the "My Test Prep and Tutoring" heading. If you are enrolled in Premier Prep, you will see "Schedule Your Premier Prep Sessions with Tutor Name". If you are enrolled in Dynamic or Elite Prep, you will see "Your Dynamic/Elite Prep Tutoring Sessions & Homework Assignments". If you are enrolled in Flex Prep, you will see "Schedule Your Flex Prep One-on-One Sessions". Whatever the case is, click this button to get started scheduling your sessions (for Flex Prep, you will need to choose ACT or SAT sessions).

If you don't see any of these (or similar) options, your course does not include private sessions. You can upgrade your course to include private sessions here.

On the scheduling page, you will choose a tutor, date, and time for your session (Premier Prep students will always have the same tutor). Fill out the information pictured below to book a session.

All of our non-Premier Prep courses come with one-on-one session credit. In the checkout window, make sure to pay with your Inspirica.com credit balance, if you have any funds remaining. If you have used all your site credit (because you've already had all your included sessions), you can either purchase another bundle of sessions or continue to book sessions by entering your credit card information and paying that way.

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