Test Innovators (TI) is a digital testing and analytics platform that many of our ACT/SAT/SSAT/ISEE students (Premier Prep students, Dynamic Prep students, Elite Prep students, and some Flex Prep students) gain access to as part of programs.

Test Innovators allows students to access practice test PDFs, digital answer sheets, and test stats. These tests are timed and question data is collected, so students, parents, and tutors can see how the test went and how long it took. Users can also break this data down on a per-passage, per-topic, per-difficulty, and per-question basis, which makes TI an invaluable tool for assessing a student's progress and guiding a program.

If you have access to TI through your course, all homework for your ACT/SAT/SSAT/ISEE one-on-one or small-group sessions should be completed in real-time in your account unless your tutor tells you otherwise.

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