The Inspirica Affiliate program is a great way for people with a stake in test prep (such as college counselors, sports team coaches, and community leaders) to encourage middle and high school students to prep for standardized tests or get help for class. Affiliates with Inspirica have the authority to offer discounts on our online courses to people in their circles, and can even collect a commission for each online course signup.

We create a custom affiliate URL for each affiliate, something based on their organization name, school name, or business name. Students who access our site through this URL are tracked by our system and treated differently at checkout. These students can either get a discount on our online course products (typically between 10% and 15%), or the affiliate who sent them to us receives a portion of the sale as a commission (again typically between 10% and 15%).

Affiliates also gain access to marketing resources to use in their own circles to make it easier to point students towards our test prep resources. If you're interested in becoming an Inspirica Affiliate, apply today!

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