An Inspirica Group Leader is a user on our website who has the power to administrate a group of students who are also users on our site. This power allows them to use our groups dashboard, which displays a list of students they are responsible for, which students are enrolled, and their progress in their courses. Leaders can also contact everyone in their group via email, enroll students directly into courses, and purchase seats in courses for students in their groups.

Being an Inspirica Group Leader is the perfect way for adults who are responsible for providing test prep to a group of high school students (like teachers, coaches, school administrators, religious leaders, etc) to manage test prep for their students.

Inspirica Group Leaders are expected to purchase a number of seats in a course (or multiple courses, if they have differing needs among their students), help students enroll in their courses, track their progress, and reach out to us on behalf of students with any problems. In short, Group Leaders are responsible for organizing their group of students into our courses, while we are responsible for overseeing the curriculum and delivery of excellent test prep. For helping us out in this way, Group Leaders have access to special deals, promotions, and discounts on nearly all of our courses.

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