Before you can add a student to a course in your Inspirica Group, you must first have seats open in the group. Log in to your group management dashboard at and check to make sure you have open seats in your group. If you do not, you will need to purchase seats first.

You can view the number of open seats you have in your group on the group management page (boxed in red above). If you do have open seats, you can add students to your group in several ways. Click the "Users" drop-down menu (the grey menu under the red box pictured above) to view four options for enrolling students.

If you choose "Add One", a window will pop up that allows you to enter the students name and email address. Once you do this, a seat in the group will be filled and an email will be sent to the student you added. Once they click the invite link in the email, they will be added to the class. If you like, you can instead select the "Send enrollment key" radio button instead of the "Add and invite user" radio button (which is selected by default). If you do choose to send the enrollment key, your student will receive an enrollment key instead of an invite link in their email. This key can be redeemed for a seat in the class by visiting the group registration page.

If you choose "Add Multiple", you can add many students at once. Simply enter the names and email addresses of each student you wish to add and click "Add & Invite Users" at the bottom of the page. Emails will be sent to each student you added. Each of these students will take up a seat in the class, and can enroll by clicking the invite link sent to their email address.

If you choose "Upload Users", you can add a CSV file of users to add many users at once. This spreadsheet should be formatted in three columns: First Name, Last Name, and Email Address. As with the "Add One" option above, you can choose "Add and invite users" to fill seats in your group immediately, or "Send enrollment keys" to have students add themselves to class instead. Check the "Suppress email" box if you'd like distribute keys manually to your students instead of having them sent in email form.

Finally, if you choose "Download Keys", a download of a spreadsheet will automatically begin. This spreadsheet contains a list of enrollment keys for the course that you can distribute to your students at your own convenience. Each enrollment key can be redeemed for one seat in the class by visiting the group registration page.

There are many ways to get students enrolled into your Inspirica Group. If you are unsure about which one to choose, use "Add Multiple" and enter then name and email address of each student you want to add.

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