An enrollment key is a unique code that allows a student to enroll in an Inspirica course as part of an Inspirica Group. These keys are automatically generated by a Group Leader when the group seats are created. Each key can be redeemed by a student exactly once, and doing so will add that student to the course the key is from.

Enrollment keys can be sent via email automatically as part of the student enrollment process, or they can be manually distributed by the Group Leader. Group Leaders can keep track of which keys have been used and which keys have not been used from the group management page.

You can redeem an enrollment key by visiting the group registration page and entering your information and the key itself. If the key has already been redeemed, it could mean that you have already registered (you can check your personal account page to check), or it could mean that someone else used your enrollment key. Check with your Group Leader to find out what the problem is.

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