To take the AgDi, you will first need to purchase it here. Once you do, you will gain access to the Agnostic Diagnostic course page, which includes full instructions on every part of this process.

Next, you will download and print both the test and the bubble sheet from your AgDi course page.

Once you're ready to test, you’ll need a quiet place to work and 3 hours 20 minutes without interruption. You’ll need a copy of the test booklet (PDF or printed), the bubble sheet (printed), a pencil, a calculator, and some way to keep time (a timer on your phone works fine). You might also want water and some snacks, as both are allowed with you in the test center on test day. The test must be completed in a single sitting using the timing outline detailed below.

Reading 1 (SAT): 28 questions, 35 minutes
English: 30 questions, 20 minutes
Math 1 (ACT): 30 questions, 30 minutes
Break: 10 minutes
Math 2 (SAT): 15 questions, 20 minutes
Math 3 (SAT): 15 questions, 20 minutes
Break: 5 minutes
Reading 2 (ACT): 28 questions, 25 minutes
Science: 40 questions, 35 minutes

When you're finished, you will scan your bubble sheets and submit them. You can find more information on this part of the process here or on your course page.

Once you've submitted your results, it will take 2-3 business days for our Test Experts to process your results, complete their analysis, and prepare your recommendation. Results are returned by email to the address you provide during the submission process, and that email will also include the coupon code you can use for your credit towards any of our online prep programs.

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