Many of our programs (such as Elite, Dynamic, and Flex Prep) come with multiple one-on-one sessions included in the price. When you purchase the program, we will deposit the site credits that you will need for those sessions and you will not have to pay for them again. Here's how.

You'll want to start by accessing your course scheduler and selecting the tutor, day, and time of the session and then clicking "Confirm" to add it to your cart. Full instructions on booking a session can be found here.

Once you're in the checkout process, take note of your credit balance (pictured below).

You'll be able to see how many site credits you have left and how many you are applying towards the session(s) you're purchasing. Click the "Use Max Amount" button in order to apply the maximum possible amount of site credits towards your order. If you do this and you have enough credits left to cover the session cost, you will not be prompted to enter any credit card information.

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